Hello, I am Alessandro Ciuffetti

I am an audio mastering engineer and producer: my job is to help musicians and producers distinguish themselves from everyone else, by creating for them a warm, unique and recognizable sound. 

a) Studies and experiences
b) Key encounters

Background and Experiences

Hello, my name is Alessandro Ciuffetti, and I was born in Rimini on January 23, 1979.
Attracted by the vibrant nightlife of the local area, my encounter with music was natural and inevitable. In the early 2000s, with my band (Brevia, where I was the drummer), I performed all over Italy and received great acclaim.
During the same period, together with the other band members, I created a recording studio called The House of Glam, which became a point of reference for many artists in the area.
At that point, the desire to learn more about the world of professional audio led me to attend a sound engineering course at Naïve Recording Studio, owned by Francesco De Benedittis, one of the most important studios in Central Italy.


● After a decade of experiences and collaborations in the field of recording and production (working with names like Max Gazzè, Valentino Rossi, and Raphael Gualazzi, to name a few), today I work as a Mastering Engineer and producer at Naïve Mastering.
During this time I have invested additional time to learn and make practice that would refine and enhance my audio mastering skills, including:
● APM (Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale) in Saluzzo (Asti), where I obtained a master's degree in Audio Mastering.
● Percorsi Audio in Viterbo, where I acquired a professional audio certification that allowed me to deepen my knowledge of "Pro Tools," the software I use for work and teach.
I have also continued to perform live before fully dedicating myself to the profession of Mastering Engineer, collaborating with:
● Filippo Graziani (performing throughout Italy and on two mini-tours in the United States).
● Gli Ex (important participations in various festivals, including the Tenco Prize in San Remo).
● Paul Gordon Manners (an important international producer and singer).
Among my key clients, I have had the pleasure to work with:
Gigi D’Agostino● Benny Benassi ● Bob Sinclar● Molella ● Gianluca Vacchi● LA Vision ● Samuele Sartini ● Teo Mandrelli 
Thanks to some of these collaborations, I have achieved significant international results.
For example, "Hollywood" by Gigi D'Agostino & LA Vision has surpassed 120 million streams on Spotify and has received positive recognition throughout Europe, including:
- Platinum certification in Italy, Austria, and Slovakia,- Double Platinum certification in the Czech Republic and Poland,- Gold certification in Switzerland and Germany.

Firma di Alessandro Ciuffetti