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Mixing audio in studio

Everything about Professional Mixing

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Discover Over 140 Useful Mixing Resources:

  • Professional Mixing Blogs (11)the best independent websites for audio mixing pros

  • Mixing Podcasts (10)top indie audio magazines on audio mixing

  • Books on Audio Mixing (14)hand-picked best reads for both novices and pros

  • YouTube Channels on Audio Mixing (22)the best videos, interviews, demos, tutorials

  • Artboard 9

    YouTube Playlists (2)compilations of great videos about audio mixing

  • Professional Magazines (4)print audio mixing magazines with online sites

  • Job Opportunities for Mix Engineers (8)websites with job offers for audio professionals

  • Mixing Contests (5)opportunities for strengthening your audio mixing skills

  • Events (14)places and dates where audio mixing professionals meet

  • Tracks for Training (Multitracks) (13)hundreds of songs to practice and exercise with

  • Courses

    Mixing Courses (15)professional online learning opportunities

  • Mixing Tricks (10)practical advice that can give you an edge

  • DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) for Mixing (13)

  • DAWs for Music Production, But Good for Mixing (5)


"Thanks Alessandro for a uniquely useful resource on audio mixing. 
I have found many useful resources in it that I didn't know about.

Amanda Peterson

Independent Music Producer

“I discovered Alessandro only recently through his newsletter Music Producer. 
I have found this guide super-useful, especially for someone like me who's at the beginning and wants to understand better how this music production universe works." 

Beppe Caso

DJ - Indie Producer

“Thanks Alessandro for a very useful and well selected collection of resources on professional audio mixing. 
I particularly liked the Tracks for Training resources as well as the mixing courses and contests which I didn't know anything about until now.
Well done!"

Around Man

Music Producer

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