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I help independent musicians and producers create a warm, unique and recognizable sound 

Alessandro Ciuffetti - Audio Mastering Engineer

Alessandro Ciuffetti

Audio Mastering Engineer (at Naïve Mastering)

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I Help You Create

a professional sound

I Work To Improve

your recording and mix

I Tell You How To

promote your music online



I carefully elaborate the sound of your song making it warm, unique and recognizable.
I use analog technologies of the highest quality, such as:
● Equalizers● Compressors● Saturators● Stereophonic Image Processors● Limiters
I optimize the sound so that your music can be heard well regardless of the type of playback equipment you use.
I work on your track so that it can meet the current recording market quality standards, bringing your sound to a professional level.


1) Critical Evaluation:
Technical Analysis Of Quality

I listen carefully to your song and identify the weak points from a technical point of view and the small flaws or smudges that can be fixed.

In short, I check that there are no mixing errors between the various instruments or defects in the individual tracks that make up the mix.

2) Artistic Evaluation:
Analysis of musical choices in relation to your musical genre.

I carefully analyze the arrangement of your song and evaluate if the sound quality of the instruments you used reaches the quality standards required by your musical genre.

Artboard 69


1) Get Maximum Visibility
I select and prepare for you a list of sites, platforms, services and applications where you can submit your piece of music.

The list includes:

● the best blogs and music sites
● digital stores,
● platforms that use playlists
● the social channels relevant to those who make music.

I indicate the specific steps and actions to be carried out in order to be present and visible on all these channels.

2) Find Ideal PartnersI identify the record labels that I consider most suitable for your musical genre, where to submit your songs so that they are taken into consideration.
I prepare a list of partners who may have a real interest in promoting your music, designed exclusively for you and your project.
I suggest you useful suppliers and services and I give you specific instructions and steps to prepare and send your master files.


1) Warm and Unique Sound

● Improvement of mix tracks levels
● Normalization of frequency spectrum
● Dynamic compression and expansion
● Limiting of track peaks
● Fine-tuning of stereophonic image width
● Effects addition
● Elimination of small defects
● Background noise reduction
I use high-quality and precise equipment such as the SPL IRON valve compressor or the Maselec MEA-2 and Maag EQ4M equalizers, which are capable of filtering sound with extreme precision, enhancing its tone and increasing its three-dimensionality.

2) Best Sound

I take care of the details of your mix, by specifically optimizing:
● the cleanliness of the sound ● the overall quality of your song.
I intervene with precision on your mix variables by improving:
● the clarity of the sound ● its definition.
Furthermore I differentiate and create among the instruments by widening the stereophonic sound with specific eq and spatialization, improving in the end the three-dimensionality of your sound.
I make your sound sound better by utilizing analog compressors which allow to better mix different instruments inside your mix while keeping their original natural expression.

3) Professional Quality

I prepare a master that meets and exceeds recording labels quality standards.
I specifically devote my most attention to:
● Character ● Three-dimensionality● Timbric balance● Clarity● Depth● Warmth● Recognisability
I let you compete in quality with songs that are streamed online daily and get major accolades.

4) Technical Advice

Find out:
● if the components of your mix are well balanced
● which elements needs to be modified or substituted
● if some instrument has problems around a specific frequency range
● possible distortion
● digital artifacts and defects due to errors during the recording stage

5) Visibility

Get maximum visibility within the shortest possible time.
Discover the sites, platforms and the web services where to submit your tracks to achieve greater visibility.
Place your song inside exclusive playlists or on a social channel that satisfies the needs of who - like you - wants to promote his music online.

6) Contacts

Identify your best potential partners and ideal suppliers.
Discover which are the recording labels that could be most interested in your music style and where / how to promote your music.
Prepare and send a top quality song master to your future partners and clients.


Samuele Sartini

Samuele Sartini

Dj / Producer

"A top professional"

"I came into contact with Alessandro, thanks to Time Records, who, after signing my single 'Stand Up,' advised me to rely on his professionalism for mastering.
It was indeed a great success!
More than two years have passed, and even today, I still rely on Alessandro Ciuffetti for some services.
In fact, we often collaborate on my productions, as he has great ability to assist others not only as an audio technician but also as a musician.
I would recommend Alessandro to all producers who are looking for a mix and mastering that can compete on the international scene, knowing that they will find a serious and highly skilled professional.

Alessandro Rinaldi

Alessandro Rinaldi (KPLR, DipDïve)

DJ / Producer

"I recommend him to anyone"

“I always had doubts that my tracks wouldn't be perfect when I finished them.
Thanks to Alessandro though, I was able to focus more on the creative part and leave the mixing and mastering details all to him.
Now I trust him blindly; he is very objective about the work he does.
Based on my personal experience, I recommend him to anyone who needs an professional to finalize their songs, even to those who have always chosen to do their own mastering.
Having an objective ear like his, is definitely an upgrade that one must make to become a true pro.”

Alessandro Rinaldi

Elena Sanchi

Singer / Producer / Musician

"A Reliable Guide"

"I met Alessandro while collaborating together on a music project in a family home and immediately admired his sensitivity and kindness.

Since that first meeting, other wonderful professional experiences have followed, which have made our collaboration stronger and more special because Alessandro, besides being an attentive, scrupulous and perfectionist professional, is a person who knows how to understand you, put you at your ease and support you with willingness and tenacity.

He has always listened to me and valued me, allowing me to be myself without the worry of having to earn his respect and without the need to overcome that masculinity that I often encounter in the music business environment.

We have recently been working on my new record and I am happy that he has come on board this small ship in a sea that is always rough and often stormy, emotionally difficult, but thanks to his support makes me feel part of a team and less alone."

Teo Mandrelli

Teo Mandrelli

DJ / Producer

"Has talent and passion"

"I discovered Alessandro through other colleagues, and we immediately connected artistically and personally.
I was looking for someone who could help me enhance the technical level of my music in order to achieve the precise sound that great artists have.
Alessandro immediately offered his talent and passion. His approach to mastering is very versatile and innovative, and he always tries to empathize with the artist while respecting their ideas.
I would recommend Alessandro to those who are never satisfied, to those who want to raise the level of their productions and compete internationally. I would also recommend him to beginners who want to start off on the right foot.
With Alessandro, you will find professionalism, availability, and pragmatism. Highly recommended."

Francesco Fonti

Francesco Fonti(MEUS)


"Jaw-dropping masters"

“I came into contact with Alessandro through the excellent sound engineering course held at Naïve Recording Studio.
Thanks to his professionalism, I found a loyal friend to whom I entrust with all of my projects.
All the masters that have come out of his studio have been appreciated and have left everyone who listened to them in awe.
Thanks to his dedication and precious time, I have been able to reach significant heights in my music career.
He taught me to pay attention to details and to be meticulous. I highly recommend him to all those who wish to make music their sole purpose in life.
With Alessandro, you will always be motivated to do better and you'll be able to stand out from the crowd.”

Francesco Maria Ricci

Francesco Maria Ricci (Injured)


"Professional, reliable, open"

The first time I contacted Alessandro for mastering one of my songs, I was immediately impressed by his generous openness.
From that moment on, thanks to his professionalism, excellent final product, and (I dare say) the friendship we developed over time, I turned to him for every one of my songs.
I decided to entrust him with my first unreleased album as well, and the result was impeccable in terms of quality and professionalism.
I recommend Alessandro to anyone looking for a top-level final result for their project, in line with the standards of every successful contemporary song.
I feel like I can 'sum up' Alessandro in a few words: professional, reliable, open, listening, friendly, and with a kind soul.

Fulvio Mennella

Fulvio Mennella (Grunwalski)

Mixing Engineer / Producer

"The perfect mastering engineer"

"I entrust the mastering of all my productions to Alessandro because he always manages to enhance the emotions I want to convey with the mix.
And this makes him the perfect master engineer!"

Matteo Schiaroli

Matteo Schiaroli (Skiama)

Mixing Engineer / Producer

"Impeccable acoustic control room"

“I met Alessandro through the Audio course I attended at Naive Recording Studio.
For me, achieving a high level of audio mastering quality was a real challenge, but Alessandro always managed to finalize my work at the top, without compromises, thanks to his experience and in-depth knowledge.
To top it all off, he has an impeccable acoustic control room equipped with the best analog audio mastering equipment I have seen.
I would recommend Alessandro to anyone who wants to take his music to the next level because, for me at least, he has become synonymous with top reliable results.”

Andrea Peghi

Andrea Peghi (ilpeghi)

Singer / Producer

"The right person"

“I have never been able to find the right person who could meet my needs.
In Alessandro, I found a competent professional with a great knowledge and a deep love for music, qualities that are strangely hard to find among professionals in this field.
I would recommend Alessandro to everyone because despite his high-level skills, he continues to work with humility that drives him to explore genres seemingly further from his world, always achieving impeccable results."

Nico Deihnart

Nico Deinert (ZIZ)

Dj / Producer

"Spheres of spatiality after his mix"

“Alessandro gives every song his own breath. It feels like diving into deeper spheres of spatiality after his mix and master.”

Nevio Rocchi

Nevio Rocchi (Roxxy Vibe)

Producer / Musician

"A very open and friendly person"

“I discovered Alessandro by contacting Naive Mastering Studio in Fano.
I was looking for a mastering studio to finalize my musical tracks at a professional level, so I could release them on major digital platforms.
Alessandro was the right person to fulfill what I was looking for, and in a short time, he helped me master my first three musical tracks.
I would recommend Alessandro to anyone in need of mixing and mastering because, in addition to being very skilled and competent, he also has a friendly and approachable work style.
This allows the artist to actively collaborate with Alessandro until the desired results are achieved.”

About Me

Alessandro Ciuffetti nel suo studio

Hi, my name is Alessandro Ciuffetti and I was born in Rimini on January 23, 1979.
Attracted by the intense nightlife of the clubs in the area, the encounter with music was natural and inevitable. In the early 2000s, with my band (Brevia, in which I was the drummer) I played all over Italy, gaining some success.
At that point, the desire to learn more about the world of professional audio prompted me to attend the sound engineer course at Francesco De Benedittis' Naïve Recording Studio, one of the most important recording studios in Italy.
I currently work at Naïve Mastering, the area of ​​the Naïve Recording Studio that deals with audio mastering.